About Lara

Hi, my name is Lara. Welcome to my online store. Here you can choose your own Lara not Laura designs and I'll mail it to you.

Why the name 'Lara Not Laura'?

Photo of Lara wearing the first Lara not Laura t-shirt that she designed

Do people mispronounce your name all the time? I had MANY names at school like: Laura, Lyra or Lauren. I almost gave up but then I designed a t-shirt in Grade 4. It was a big success. My Grade 4 teacher wrote this in our school's ClassDojo:

The latest movement in Room X ... learning to pronounce names correctly!! Advertising at its best!! Thanks Lara!!

This ends here and now! I sell custom designs for people who are tired of people pronouncing their name wrong.  Reclaim your name and wear it with pride.